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The Zulu language or isiZulu Zulu is the mother tongue of the Zulu people, the largest ethnic group in South Africa. It is spoken by nearly 11 million people with over 95% of its speakers residing in South Africa. Zulu is classified as a member of the South-eastern or Nguni group of the Bantu family of languages.

Zulu has a number of dialects and many regional variants too. Zulu is closely related to Xhosa, along with Swati, and Ndebele. In fact the similarities between Zulu and Xhosa are so high that Xhosa could be considered a dialect of Zulu but their speakers consider them to be separate languages.
Zulu was an oral language until contact with missionaries during the early 19th century. It uses the same 26 alphabets, identical to that of English. The language has borrowed extensively from Khoisan as well as from Afrikaans and English languages. Similar to Xhosa, Zulu is characterized by its use of three different types of click sounds.

The Zulu language has the most native speakers across the South African region. So learning Zulu will be highly valuable while travelling to South Africa. Also learning Zulu is considered as a mark of respect and your effort will be appreciated by the locals.  Knowledge of Zulu would greatly benefit people who plan to live and work in South Africa because Zulu has great political, cultural, historical and social importance in southern Africa society.

Zulu ethnic group is the largest South African ethnic group. It is a language rich in oral tradition transmitted through storytelling, praise-poems, and proverbs. Learning Zulu will give you a deeper insight into the Zulu culture. Also learning Zulu will help you understand other indigenous Nguni languages of South Africa like Swati, Ndebele and Xhosa because of the similarity between them.

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