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nativemonks imageNative Tutors

Nothing can beat learning a language from a "native" tutor - your best choice. We provide language lessons from the best native tutors and that too without you leaving the comfort of your home. Choose the most suited native tutor you like based on your convenient time, budget and level of learning

nativemonks imageCustom, live video lessons

Beat the rush, save hours on commuting to a learning center only to be stuck with a limited selection of tutors. We provide you with online custom lessons over our video platform, so you are free to choose any tutor from around the world and begin your learning immediately. Choose the time slot that suits you - it doesn't matter if it is early morning before you leave for work or late night after you are back, when physical locations would be closed.

nativemonks imagePractice Live Speaking

Our experienced and qualified tutors have a passion for teaching. They make sure you are not taught mechanically, but also get to practise speaking. We will help you improve your fluency in the language along with making sure you are confident to converse with people, be it when you travel, or your business associates or the new family you wed into.

nativemonks imageOne to One Tutoring

We hate impersonal group classes just as much as you. We know they might be called "teaching", but they definitely do not impart "learning". We believe effective learning occurs only when you are given the attention "you" need. This attention varies from person to person and depends on factors like if you have a background in the language, your eventual learning goals and your capacity. So we customize each lesson and tailor it to your requirements, and give you one to one distraction-free classes.

nativemonks imageSchedule With a Click

As soon as your booking is confirmed, we will get started with the process of allocating a native tutor to you. Once allocated, you will be able to book any time slot from your tutor's calendar subject to availability.

nativemonks imageBook any time convenient

Our tutors have made available multiple time slots for you to choose from. You can choose any slot as long as its convenient for you as well as your tutor. Our friendly tutors are happy to adjust and give you a favorable time slot.

nativemonks imageRate your tutor

One of the things we pride on is completely transparent ratings of tutors by students. You can leave feedback for your tutor at the end of each successful class. Timely feedback not only helps your tutor understand your expectations, it also facilitates smooth communication

nativemonks imageRegular feedback

Just as you provide feedback for your tutor, your tutor would also give you regular feedback about your progress. The feedback shared by the tutor for you however, won't be shared with anyone except you. It's purely for your improvement.

nativemonks imageReasonable pricing

For the kind of tutors we work with, their experience level, their mastery over the language, and their ability to impart knowledge in an impactful manner, the prices we charge are not just reasonable, but one of the best in the e-learning industry

nativemonks imageBest learning experience

Learning a new language might starts as a need, but it brings with it a lot more. For a lot of our customers, learning a new language could be because of a special someone or it could just be their fascination with a new language because of family history. Whatever the reason, it doesn't just stop at learning. They get insights into a new culture, which makes them travel to new destinations and gives them a fresh perspective in life.

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