Tutoring approach

nativemonks imageMethodical assessment

Our tutors begin with the tutoring process by understanding your goals and asking you why you want to learn the language you have chosen to learn. Surely, it would be difficult to satisfy a student without knowing what it is that they would like to learn and why.  

nativemonks imageOutcome-based education

Outcome-based education or goal-based learning is all about tailoring the tutor's knowledge in order to meet the student's objectives. It's hard to imagine how a tutor can satisfy a student if they follow the same methodology or lesson plan for each student. Goal-based education is all about teaching you the specifics of what you want to learn. 

nativemonks imageCustom lesson plans

Custom lesson plans- In order to achieve goal-based learning, our tutors work with custom lesson plans based on your objectives. They quickly adapt to different ways to meet your learning outcomes. For instance, if you would like them to focus more on teaching you how to write a letter in French, obviously it would all start with you learning the alphabets first. 

nativemonks imageLive tests

The final step to ensure you have met your objectives is by giving you live tests. This could either be making you speak a simple sentence in the language you are learning or by asking you to show how you would go about pronouncing a word.

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