Featured tutor contest

How does the "featured
tutor contest" work?

Featured tutor contest is a contest that will give tutors registering with us a chance to get their profile featured on the main page of the language they choose to teach.Registering with us is really simple and free of charge. All you need to do is to share our page and ask prospective tutors to fill in the link posted by you as the referrer. This way, we will know who has referred tutors to us. The people referring most number of tutors will be featured on specific language pages.

For example - Asha Sachdeva is the featured tutor for Hindi language.

What are the benefits of getting my profile featured on my language page?

Getting your profile featured on the specific language page would mean better visibility, familiarity, and higher chances of landing customers as these are the most visited pages.

For how long will my profile be featured on the language page?

Chosen profiles will be featured on their specific pages for up to a month. There may be instances of profiles being features even beyond that subject to performance of such tutors.

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