Fair pricing

What's a fair price to learn the language of your choice?

Good and reliable native tutors charge between $30-$60 per lesson on average

There are many ways you can go about learning something. You can use online material, buy lengthy courses or simply engage a tutor. While the research shows that the best kind of learning is when you constantly practice the subject; it might be hard for you to do that on your own. Obviously, the best option would then be to engage a native tutor who can help you out, push to deliver your best, and motivate you to meet your goals. 
Even though there are tutors available for less than $30 per lesson; however, since these are custom lessons, you really need an intelligent and compassionate tutor. There are countless tutors with questionable communication skills and who are not great at comprehending what their students want. Engaging such tutors would not just waste your time and money, but could also seriously interfere with your interest to carry on learning the language you have been longing to learn. 
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