Terms & Conditions

All users of this website are subject to the terms and conditions spelt out here. Therefore before using this website, visitors are advised to read our Terms and Conditions.

Copyright Statement
Content seen on this website is wholly copyrighted and exclusively and entirely owned by us. Nobody has the right to reproduce any part of the content here for commercial or any other purpose.

Lesson Guidelines and Cancellations
Both customers and tutors are requested to be in time for the scheduled lessons. In case a customer is not happy with their chosen tutor, they can choose any other tutors matching the same or lower price provided their account has balance to cover those lessons.

Lesson Confirmation and Postponement
Customers can check any tutor's schedule and send them a message to request a lesson. Once a tutor confirms your request by conveying their acceptance, the lesson is deemed "confirmed and booked". You can request a lesson anytime as per your convenience by letting the tutor know, however, a lesson is only treated confirmed if the tutor has agreed through our platform.

Customers will be able to postpone lessons 2 times if they have booked our 10 lesson course and 3 times if they have booked our 15 lesson course.

Cancellation and Expiry
Even though our platform shows the most accurate and reliable feedback, there may be cases when your actual experience with a tutor differs from your expectations. In such cases, you can request for another tutor using your balance with us. However, your new tutor must match the price criteria chosen by you earlier.

Our 10 lesson course and 15 lesson course come with a fixed expiry. You can use these courses to book a tutor anytime up to 45 days if you have chosen a 10 lesson course and 60 days if you have chosen a 15 lesson course.

Native Monks works as a marketplace matching customers looking to learn languages with the best available native tutors. We do not favour any particular tutors over others. We use a grading system based on customer feedback to rank tutors and tutors who are true to their jobs have better chances of landing more clients.

All the content you may receive from tutors as part of your course, belongs to the website and its tutors. We do not permit the reproduction of the same partly or wholly without due citation. If the content is found to be misused, we will suspend the account in question and the person may not be able to use our platform in the future.

By using our services, a customer automatically agrees to all our terms and conditions mentioned here. If however they don't agree with our terms and conditions, they are at liberty not to use our services.