Cookie Policy

Text files called cookies
hen a visitor enters our website, text files called cookies are stored on his computer. These files work around a visitor’s requirements and help enrich his experience of browsing the website. If a visitor remains logged in to our website for a long time, cookies work to help our visitors use our website in the best possible manner.

Our visitors are at liberty to manage their cookies or delete them from their computers, if they do not want us to send them out of the visitors’ computers. However, if our visitors disable their cookies, they will not be able to enjoy all the features of our website.

The cookies we use
Session cookies: These temporary files stay stored on the visitor’s computer till they close their browser. Session cookies help visitors recall their visit on an earlier page.
Persistent cookies: These cookies remain with our visitors even after they close their browser.

Functions of our cookies
When processing order forms, we use cookies. Once our cookies are disabled, clients will not be able to enjoy our services.

Why we use cookies
1. To remind our visitors that they are making an online purchase
2. To remind our visitor that he has entered our website.
3. To track a visitor’s use of our online plagiarism checker.

For better user experience, our cookies:
1. Offer our visitors advice and help on our chat line.
2. Track visitors’ activity using Google Analytics.

Third party use of cookies
When a visitor makes a transaction to pay for our services, we use cookies. Third parties aren’t given any personal data of customers if they are not involved in any stage of the job order.

Operating cookies
If our visitors disable our cookies on their computer, our website will not function at its best. If our visitors insist on blocking them, they should use their own computer settings for this.