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For Students

Native Monks is a language learning platform which helps language learners from around the world learn the languages of their choice with dedicated tutors on a one-to-one basis.

We are a market place that gets tutors and customers together. We allow customers to filter out tutors based on price, experience, and rating. Tutors are free to set their own prices.

You will first have to choose a tutor. You can then send a message using the platform's messaging system to the chosen tutor and fix up a time convenient for you both. The lesson gets fixed once the tutor has agrees and confirmed it. You will only have to make the payment for the lesson to confirm it.

Our lessons are about 45 minutes each. However, most of our tutors are happy to go with the flow and teach a little extra if you are really into it.

Yes, you can check the chosen tutor's schedule through their profile and choose anytime suitable to you. The time shown on a tutor's schedule is your own local time so you can choose anytime without worrying about their local time.

Yes, you can reschedule 2 times if you have chosen our 10 lesson package and 3 times if you have chosen our 15 lesson package.

For Tutors

Tutors are paid every 15th of each month for all the lessons completed in the month before. For example - payments for all the lessons completed between 1st and 31st January will be effectuated on 15th of February.

Tutors are free to set their own prices per lesson.

No. Native Monks is wholly solely responsible for all the payments coming from customers and we ensure timely and smooth payments to all the tutors.

Tutors are only expected to teach and help a customer learn and improve their oratory or writing skills.

Here is the link that will help you register.

No. Native Monks is a platform for genuine and experienced tutors who love to teach languages. Our intention is to connect the finest tutors in the world with language learners for best results in the most professional manner.

We are not just looking for experienced and reliable tutors, but we are also very particular about originality. All the applications being filled up need to be original. Anything you have filled in earlier must not be used on our website. Your profile needs to be new and original.

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