How It Works

nativemonks imageStep 1. Choose your language

When you choose to learn a language with us, our aim is to provide you with the best learning experience by connecting you with the most appropriate tutor on board. While we cover common languages and have expert tutors for them, we also cover some of the rarest languages, which are not available online elsewhere. 

With us, you have a unique opportunity to learn any language you want, no matter how rare it is. While it might be challenging and time consuming to connect you with a tutor for a very rare language, we do however have access to a pool of tutors who would be happy to help you learn a new language.  

nativemonks imageStep 2. Book custom, private video lessons

Once you have chosen the language of your choice, you can choose from one of the courses we have available. These are courses entailing different features like the number of lessons, varying discounts, validity periods, and support levels.

All the courses solve the same purpose of helping you learn; however, with different learning objectives, comes different propositions. For instance, for someone wanting to learn a language so well that they are able to converse in it after a few months, recommending a basic 10 lesson course won't do justice to their goal. 

Once you have confirmed and paid for a course, we will allocate a suitable tutor to you as early as we can. Sometimes however, it might take a couple of days to match you with a suitable tutor based on the language you have chosen and our tutors' availability. 

nativemonks imageStep 3. Schedule anytime at your convenience

As soon as a tutor has been allocated, you can send them a message through your dashboard using the "communication" feature. You will soon be able to book your first lesson with them. Each lesson is held through our special video platform, which enables you to have an audio/video call with your tutor at a mutual time chosen by the two of you. 

Although you can choose any time slot from your tutor's schedule directly, it would be advisable to get in touch with them first and communicate your preferred time slots to them. Your tutor will come back to you with one of those slots, which is also convenient for them. The time slots visible to you inside your dashboard are in your timezone. 

nativemonks imageStep 4. Enjoy your own custom lessons

Currently, we offer 4 courses, namely- Novice, Starter, Daily conversations, and Talk like a Pro. Depending on the course you have chosen, your tutor will be able to focus on your specific goal and tailor the lessons to meet it. 

Your chosen course will almost definitely have an impact on your learning. While courses like Novice and Starter are good for students who would like to get some level of understanding in their chosen language, for those who would like to cover significant ground, it is always advisable to choose other courses that have a lot more leeway to help and support your learning in the medium term.    

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