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Bonjour. Who doesn't want to learn French?  The language of romance and literature. French is the official spoken language in over 29 countries around the world and is one of the world's most influential languages. There are all kinds of reasons to learn a foreign language in general, and French in particular. Since there are approximately 129 million French speaking people worldwide, learning French will improve your chances of making new French speaking friends. And if you have friends who speak French then you have a stronger reason to learn it. Do you want to visit the Louvre, Notre Dame or the French Riviera? France is the world’s top tourist destination. Knowing French can really enhance a visit abroad by conversing with the locals in their own language. If your job involves interacting with French counterparts, then mastering the lingo can be highly beneficial. By speaking the language of your colleagues, you can build a good rapport and make yourself understood. If you are learning French, then reading in French helps you become more comfortable with the words and grammatical rules that enable you to express your own thoughts. To learn to speak French it is equally important to learn to read French.

Thinking of heading to Paris for a holiday? Want to impress your boss with your French speaking skills? Want to teach your children French? Interested to know more about French culture? Getting married to your French Beau? Can’t follow your favourite French movies? Whatever your reason learn French Online from our Native Tutors through Skype anytime anywhere at your own pace.

French film industry is renowned to make some of the best movies. Knowing French will also give you unfiltered access to the films in a way that subtitles alone can't convey. Learning French gives access to another culture, as language and culture go hand in hand. Knowledge of French offers access to great works of literature in the original French.  In business and in the workplace, we can all benefit from more effective communication skills. French is one of the most widely taught languages in schools. College degrees in the language are becoming more common. So if you are children are looking to learn a foreign language than French is the right choice. If your partner, in- laws or relatives speak French, learning their native language will not only help you to communicate with them better but also will help you understand their culture and way of life from a new perspective.



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