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The Zhuang language is spoken in south-western China specifically in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is a member of Central Tai language family and is spoken by about 17 million Zhuang speakers in china, most of who reside in Guangxi and the rest in Yunnan, Guangdong and Hunan. The Zhuang ethnic group evolved from Tai-speaking peoples who lived in southern China for centuries and today are the largest of China's minority peoples. They have held on their ethnic identity mainly through the means of their language.

The Zhuang language is categorized into several different dialects and is broadly classified by linguists into northern and southern dialects, each of which has been further divided into a number of vernacular varieties. Some of the dialects differ from one another so much that they are mutually unintelligible. The Standard Zhuang language is based on a northern Wuming dialect of Yongbei Zhuang. All Zhuang dialects very much like Tai languages use the tone or pitch differences to distinguish words. Zhuang language also has many loanwords from Chinese language.
The Zhuang ethnic group's ancient culture is very rich and colourful with its indigenous characteristics. The Zhuang language reflects their heritage as a southern people. Learning Zhuang is the only way to experience their rich and vibrant culture. The Zhuang have a rich mythology, wealth of legends, fairy tales, stories and ballads that frame the folk literature of the Zhuangs. Zhuangs have also been reputed for their singing. Learning Zhuang will enable you to appreciate the literature and the great music of the Zhuang people even more intimately.


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