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Walloon is spoken predominantly in the Wallonia region of southern Belgium. It is also spoken in some parts of Northern France and North-eastern Wisconsin in the US. Walloon is one of the oïl languages including French, is part of the larger group of Gallo-Romance languages. Walloon which closely related to Champagneois and Picard languages is also a close relative of French but it should not be mistaken as a dialect of French. Walloon that developed between the 8th and the 12th centuries is a Romance language, even though it borrows heavily from Germanic languages.

Within Belgium, there are three distinct dialects of Walloon: Eastern Walloon (with Liège as its capital), Central Walloon (Namur), and southern (Ardennes region), and Western Walloon (Charleroi, La Louvière, Nivelles).  Walloon has preserved its linguistic peculiarities more so than many other Romance languages. It still has some Latin remnants that are not in use in the neighbouring Romance languages. Also it has a number of borrowings to Germanic languages which is evident in everything from its grammar to phonology. But the language has no standard orthography. The reasons for this may be the phonological differences between the different dialects. However attempts are made to come up with a single system of spelling for the diverse dialects.

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Even though Wallonia takes up roughly half the land area of Belgium, the language usage is on the decline. Walloon is not considered an official language of Belgium. As a result, use of the language is rapidly fading. However, attempts to revitalize Walloon have been made in the recent years mostly through theatre and magazines. 

Walloon is a very unique language and learning it will provide a better understanding of the folklore and history of the region. Also if your ancestors are from Wallonia learning the language will help you gain a deeper understanding of your roots. Also lastly since the number of Wallonia speakers is shrinking in size learning the language will help it grow and flourish.
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