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Vietnam is fast becoming one of the most sought after destinations for tourism. Vietnamese is spoken throughout Vietnam by ethnic Vietnamese and by Vietnam's many minorities. Today there are about 75 million people who can speak Vietnamese. If your partner, in-laws, relatives or friends speak Vietnamese then learning their language will not only help you to communicate with them but also help you understand their lifestyle and way of thinking. It can also give you a better understanding of their culture and way of thinking. If you are planning to stay in Vietnam for a time, it’s extremely helpful if you learn some Vietnamese. When you know some Vietnamese, it will help you immensely in integrating with the society. When you are doing business in Vietnam, knowledge of the local language will help you in earning the trust of the locals which in turn will help you to succeed in your business.
Vietnamese is a simple language and easy to learn because of its flexibility. It is a phonetic language, which means one word has only one syllable. Also another advantage is those Vietnamese alphabets are similar to the English alphabets and totally 29 in number. Also grammatically, Vietnamese is very simple as it has no plurals, no verb forms and no tenses.

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