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Ukrainian is the official language in Ukraine where it is spoken by roughly 67 percent of the population. It is also official language at a regional level in Transnistria, in Moldova. The Ukrainian language descended from the Old East Slavic language that existed from around 880AD to the middle of the 13th century. All through its history, it has been non-recognized as official language or has been banned. The beauty of the language is that it has persisted despite the bans and political persecution. The official status of Ukrainian was restored after the collapse of the USSR and the Communist regime. The use of the Ukrainian language is increasing after a long period of decline and it is thriving and expanding like never before. Today there are almost fifty million people who speak Ukrainian worldwide. During the Soviet rule, Ukrainian was the primarily a spoken language in the USSR. Ukrainian is written today using Cyrillic alphabets.

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There are several benefits of learning Ukrainian. For one, Ukrainian is considered among the top three of the most beautiful languages in the world. And secondly if you are planning to travel to Ukraine it is recommended to learn Ukrainian. Learning Ukrainian will help you enjoy more opportunity to communicate directly with Ukrainian-speaking people and gain a deeper insight into their own culture and language Also if you are planning to visit Poland and Czech Republic, Ukrainian will help you to understand Polish and Czech languages as they are quite similar. Learning Ukrainian will also enable you to enjoy the rich music and folklore of the region and access the vibrant cultural landscape.
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