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Schwyzertuusch or Swiss German is not a single language but is a collective term used for the Alemannic dialects spoken in Switzerland. Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. All four of them are equal by law. However the country's dominant language is Schwyzertuusch or Swiss German. While the High German (Standard German) is taught in schools and Swiss German (Schweizerdeutsch) is used in everyday life. In fact even each town or village speaks their own distinct dialect. This is probably one of the reasons why Swiss German is not a written language.  The written language in Switzerland is High German. But in all ordinary informal settings Swiss German dialects are used in Switzerland regardless of occupation, education, or social class.

Swiss German differs from standard German in phonology, grammar and vocabulary. Swiss way of pronunciation is quite different from the German. Even speakers of Standard German find it difficult to understand the Swiss German.

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In Switzerland majority of the population can speak Standard German.  So you can easily get by speaking Standard German. However learning to speak the Swiss German dialect helps enormously in social situations. Also if you are planning to live in Switzerland then learning at least some expressions of Swiss-German is recommended. Also your Swiss friends and colleagues will appreciate that thoroughly. Language skills are essential for anyone working in Switzerland. It is also essential requirement for successful integration into society.

If you are planning to stay for a while in Switzerland you can join a language class. Also you can get help from number of books and CD’s as well as YouTube videos. But the most convenient and affordable way to learn Schwyzertüüsch or Swiss German irrespective of your geographical location is through an online language course where you can learn Swiss German from a native tutor just like in a traditional classroom but from the comfort of your home. If you are looking to learn Swiss German online through Skype then you are in the right place. We offer one-to-one Swiss German Skype lessons that focus on developing your communicating skills in Swiss German. You can benefit from our online Swiss German classes no matter what your fluency level is in the language. Our private Swiss German lessons through Skype with native tutors offer you an efficient and effective way to learn the language – from beginners to higher levels. All you need is internet access and headphone and you can start learning Swiss German from the comfort of your home at a time that suits your lifestyle. Join our online Swiss German language learning course today and get the most out of speaking Swiss German!



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