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Sundanese is an Indonesian language that is spoken by nearly 39 million people. Indonesia is a country of many religions, cultures as well as languages. Hundreds of different ethnic languages are spoken by different ethnic groups in the country with the Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) as the national language. One such ethnic language is Sundanese spoken by the Sundanese people. They form the second biggest ethnic group in Indonesia after the Javanese. This Malayo-Polynesian language is spoken mainly in western Java along with Banten, Jakarta, Central Java and southern Lampung.

Sundanese is extremely diverse language and comprises of several dialects. Historically Sundanese was written using different scripts.  Today, the language is generally written in either the Sundanese or the Latin script. A distinct feature of Sundanese language is that it contains multiple speech levels. The language is divided into different levels of formality depending on the social status of the person being addressed.

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Majority of the Sundanese people can speak both Sundanese, as well the Indonesian national language. However in rural areas, Sundanese is the still widely used mode of communication. If you are travelling to Bandung or other small towns in West Java then knowledge of Sundanese is highly recommended.  A few Sundanese words would certainly enhance your travel experience in West Java. Also it is difficult to find Sundanese pocket dictionaries for travellers in any book stores in Bandung or other cities in Indonesia. That's why the knowledge of some most used Sundanese words will come handy while travelling in these regions.
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