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The Somali language is mainly spoken in Somalia where it enjoys an official status. The language belongs to the Afro-Asiatic language family, specifically the Cushitic branch. There are also significant number of speakers in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Yemen and Kenya.  Somali language has a rich history of varied linguistic influences, including Arabic, English and Italian and it is one of the best documented languages within the Cushitic branch.

Somali language generally is classified into three primary dialects: Benaadir, Maay, and Northern or Northern-Central. The standard dialect is based on the Northern Somali. It is used in broadcasts as well as official documents.
Somali language has a long history and over the centuries it was written using various scripts. The most widespread and influential writing system in the early years was one based on an Arabic alphabet. However a uniform orthography was adopted until 1972 and it uses characters from the Latin alphabet. Somali has borrowed many words from Arabic. In addition, Somali also contains significant number of loanwords from the Persian, English and Italian. It also has significant number of old Qahtani words.

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Somalia has a rich culture which is an amalgamation of traditions that developed over a period of time. Somalis love their language and also love to hear their language spoken by foreigners. You will receive immense support and appreciation from the locals for trying to learn their local language. Learning Somali will certainly help you in communicating with the locals and making new friends. Somali people are known for their love towards poetry.  They also have a rich story-telling tradition and musical heritage that is centred on traditional Somali folklore. Learning Somali will enable you get a better insight into the culture and customs of the Somali people. Individuals working for international organizations will also find knowledge of Somali extremely helpful in their day to day tasks.
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