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Slovak spoken mainly in Slovakia belongs to the West Slavic branch of the Indo-European language family. The language is also spoken to a lesser extent in Croatia and Bulgaria. There are several different dialects within the Slovak language and are classified into three main groups: Eastern, Central, and Western. The dialects are mainly categorized based on the geographical location where they are used.  Slovak is closely related to Czech. Since a great number of words are identical in both the languages they are mutually intelligible. In addition to Czech, a number of other languages have influenced the development of the Slovak language, most notably German, Polish and Hungarian. Slovak is written using Latin alphabets but with little variation. Along with the 26 Latin alphabets it also makes use of 20 more letters to indicate diacritic and diagraphs. A distinctive feature of the Slovak and Czech language that is not found in any other Slavic languages is that accent, or stress, is always placed on the first syllable of a word.

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There can be several benefits of learning Slovak. Slovakia is a naturally beautiful country to visit with beautiful landscapes along with deep history and traditions. Learning Slovak will open you new opportunities while travelling this fascinating country. You can experience the rich culture the country has to offer in a more intimate way. Another good reason to learn Slovak is while travelling on public transport. Outside major cities timetables and announcements of changes or delays are usually in Slovak only. Also learning the Slovak language will earn you some appreciation from the locals. If you know even know some basic Slovak words or phrases, the locals will love you immediately. If you are an expat knowing the local language can be very helpful for survival in the new country. Learning Slovak will also help you to experience some great works of art in their original language and get to know them as the author meant for them to be known.

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