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Sindhi belongs to the Indo-Aryan language family and is spoken in the Sindh region of Pakistan where it has the official status. Sindhi is also spoken in India by Sindhi diaspora found primarily in the Kutch district of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. Today it is one of the languages recognized by the constitution in India.
Sindhi is generally classified into six major dialects. The first evidence of written Sindhi dates as far back as the 8th century. Since then a number of different scripts have been used to write it. Today Sindhi is written in Sindhi-Arabic script that consists of a modified Arabic alphabet that was formally adopted by the British in 1853. Since Sindhi has many more consonants and vowels than Arabic, few extra letters have been added by making use of diacritic dots. In India a number of Sindhi speakers use the Devanagari script to write the language.

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Roots of the Sindhi language can be traced as far back as 1500 BC. One notable aspect of the Sindhi language history is that it was the first language in which Quran was translated to. This makes Sindhi an interesting language to learn considering its rich cultural, literary and historical tradition. Language is considered as the foundation of culture and Sindhi culture is embedded in the Sindhi language. Sindhi community takes great pride in its origin, rich traditions and literature. Learning Sindhi will enhance your knowledge about the Sindhi way of life, customs, beliefs and traditions etc. which are quite different from other communities. Due to its vast vocabulary, it is a favourite of many writers. Learning Sindhi will enable you to appreciate its extremely rich body of literature, poetry and folklore, which dates as far back as the language itself.
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