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Are you looking to learn Serbo-Croatian so that you can travel and experience new cultures? Perhaps you want your kids to take Serbo-Croatian classes or want to impress your spouse? Here is a platform to learn Serbo-Croatian online through Skype from native tutors!
Serbo-Croatian was the official language used in the former Yugoslavia. It is a south Slavic language that was standardized in the 19th century. The language was based on the Štokavian dialect. After the disintegration of Yugoslavia in 1991, the single composite language was broken down into four individual languages. At the present, there are four standard language-successors of Serbo-Croatian. In Serbia it is called Serbian, Croatia it is called Croatian, in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is called Bosnian and Montenegro it is called as Montenegrin. All these countries were the parts of the former Yugoslavia. The term “Serbo-Croatian” is mostly used today as an umbrella term for the languages that belong to the family.
Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian are all mutually intelligible and the differences between them are very minimal mainly in terms of syntax, vocabulary and pronunciation. While Croats and Bosnians use the Latin alphabet, the official Serbian script is Cyrillic.
Do you need to speak Serbo-Croatian for business or want to add another language skill to your resume? Or maybe you just enjoy learning new languages. Whatever your reason to learn Serbo-Croatian, here is a platform where you can learn Serbo-Croatian online via Skype from native experienced tutors!
Learning Serbo- Croatian can be useful when travelling in the former Yugoslavia. This is a very scenic part of the world and an attractive travel destination. The place boasts of sun kissed beaches, dozens of inhabited offshore islands, green undulating countryside, enchanting old cities and antique monasteries. The place also is known for its rich and mouth-watering culinary traditions. You can enrich your holiday experience by learning to speak the local language. Serbo-Croatian language is useful in all the four former republics of Yugoslavia. So you will have lot of opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. The knowledge of the language will give you a deeper insight into the various culture, traditions and lifestyle of the native people. They also have a surprisingly large amount of good quality contemporary music, Nobel Prize winning literature and some fantastic independent films.  You can enjoy all this in the original form without anything getting lost in translation.
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