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Serbian is a South-Western Slavic language that belongs to the Indo-European languages spoken primarily in Serbia. It is also spoken in Bosnia, Herzegovina, Kosovo, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia. Serbian is most closely related to Croatian, Bosnian and Slovene. Serbian and Croatian are mutually understandable. There is however some differences in terms of certain pronunciations, vocabulary, syntax and the alphabet they are written.

The Serbian language has two main dialects: Shtoktavian and Torlakian. Shtoktavian is the language standard language and used for literary purpose. Serbian has the distinction of being the only language to use both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. The official Serbian alphabet is the Cyrillic alphabet but because of its Serbo-Croat heritage it is also written using Latin alphabet. Serbian pronunciation is very simple because of its phonetic nature. Serbian language has borrowed words from several other foreign languages like Hungarian, Turkish, Italian and Greek. And more recently, it has taken in words of English origin.


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Learning Serbian language has several benefits. For one, knowing even a few phrases of Serbian will make a huge difference while visiting Serbia. You can get around the country much more independently with your Serbian knowledge. Balkan people will appreciate the fact that you are putting an effort to learn their language. Learning Serbian will make it easier for you to learn some other Slavic language like Russian, Czech, Polish, Bulgarian and Slovenian among others. Serbian language has a rich literary tradition. Learning Serbian will enable you read some great compositions in the original language.  And if you are an expat living in Serbia, learning Serbian will enrich your experience and ease your stay by getting to know local people, their culture and customs.

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