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Selonian is an extinct Baltic language that belongs to the Baltic languages group of the Indo-European languages family. It was the native language of Eastern Baltic tribe of the Selonians who inhabited Selonia until the 15th century. Selonian eventually merged with the neighbouring tribes that lead to emergence of Latvians and Lithuanians. During the 13th-15th centuries the language use started declining after being assimilated by the Latgalians.  Selonian culture had a very strong Latgalian influence. The Lithuanians were also partly responsible in the disappearance of the Selonian language. Very little information is available about Selonians and their language. There are many reasons why people choose to invest their time, learning a dead language like Selonian. For many, it’s a way of getting in touch with their roots and origins. Learning an extinct language like the Selonian can offer you an insight into the way of life of a society, at a certain time period. Languages say a lot about civilization and the language embodies unique local knowledge of the cultures of the region in which it is spoken. Learning Selonian opens a window into the Selonian civilization, their culture, traditions and lifestyle. Learning Selonian serves as a medium to learn more about human history in general.

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