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Scottish Gaelic is spoken in the North of Scotland mainly in the Highlands and in the Western Isles. It belongs to the Celtic family of languages and has a certain similarity to Irish Gaelic.

Historically Scottish Gaelic was spoken by a majority of the Scottish population. In modern times, use of the language is concentrated to the Highlands and Islands. This melodic and exotic-sounding tongue was introduced in Scotland around the 4th century by settlers from Ireland. It began to decline during the 15th century. However during the last 20 years it has experienced a revival. The future is looking brighter for Gaelic today. Many organisations are using Gaelic names. Gaelic language is being taught in many schools and one can find many road signs and street names written in Gaelic language.

It is the longest-standing language used in Scotland. In Scotland, despite over 200 years of suppression one can find rich repository of Scottish Gaelic literature, arts and folklore from across the ages. The Gaelic culture is very vibrant. Knowledge of the Scottish Gaelic will enable you to experience this rich culture even better. The language is viewed with pride as a part of the Scottish heritage.  Learning Scottish Gaelic will get you far more appreciation from the Scots. It is one of the best complements you can pay Scotland.


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