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Rajasthan is a Western Indo-Aryan language spoken primarily in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is also spoken in the neighbouring states of Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh in India. Rajasthani isn’t one language but an umbrella term used for different tribal languages spoken by the people of Rajasthan. Rajasthani language has five major dialects: Marwari, Mewari, Dhundhari, Mewati and Harauti along with numerous other dialects that are used in the interior parts of the state. Prevalence of so many different dialects is a reflection of the rich linguist diversity that exists in the state of Rajasthan. All these languages are named after the region where they are spoken.

Among all the dialects, Marwari is the most extensively spoken language. It is mainly spoken in and around the district of Jodhpur. In the east and southeast regions of Rajasthan, the Jaipuri also known as Dhundhari is widely spoken. In fact it is the second most spoken dialect by the maximum number of Rajasthanis, after Marwari. The people of the southeast region speak in the Malvi (Malwi) dialect and in Alwar and the surrounding region, Mewati dialect is widely used.

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While you may have your reasons to learn Rajasthani, here are a few more to strengthen your decision. Rajasthan is known for its vibrant and colourful folk literature and is depicted beautifully in the form of folklores, proverbs, witty sayings, riddles and highly treasured folk-plays called as “Khayals”.  Also hundreds of poets and writers in recent years have used the vernacular form of Rajasthani language as their medium of expression. Learning the Rajasthani language will allow you to appreciate this great repository of folk literature.

Rajasthan is land that offers perfect amalgamation of age old traditions, intriguing cultures and warm welcoming hospitality. In fact it is listed among the must-visit state of India. Learning Rajasthani language will help you to communicate with the locals and enjoy the culture even better.

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