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Provencal is a Romance language of the Indo-European language family traditionally spoken in Provence in Southern France, Italy, and Monaco. The official language here is French while the dialect spoken in Provence was Provençal. Although now majority of the people here peak French, there are people, mainly old, who still use it in everyday life as their natural way of communication, at work or at home.

 After the withdrawal of Romans from across the Alps, two main languages evolved in France: the langue d'Oil and d'Oc. Oc was mainly spoken throughout an area now referred to as Occitania and Provençal is a dialect of southern Occitania. Many people believe that Provençal' and 'Occitan' are synonyms. But in reality Provençal is an Occitan dialect only spoken in south-eastern France (Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur).

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Provençal was the first literary language after Latin and the fall of the Roman Empire and was at its high point between the 12th and the 14th centuries. During this period it was a standard and literary language and widely used in poetry in France northern Italy and northern Spain. It was the primary language of the medieval troubadours. The word "troubadour" itself comes from the Provencal "trobar", meaning "to find". The language began to decline as a literary form in the 13th century, with the rise in French influence. This ended troubadour literature and the use of Provencal as the standard idiom of the region. Revival efforts were made in the 19th century mainly by celebrated poet Frederic Mistral. Other famous Provencal writers who wrote in Provençal include the 19th century writer Alphonse Daudet, Marcel Pagnol, and the twentieth century novelist Jean Giono.
Learning Provencal can be a very rewarding experience. Besides the exciting challenge that learning a minority language presents, there are many other reasons. This helps you grasp their history, appreciate their poetry and understand some of the greatest literary compositions history has ever seen. Taking the effort to learn Provencal is an implicit display of respect towards the culture and the people of the region.
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