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For most of the students learning Chinese Mandarin language, the most challenging aspect is to comprehend the written system. This is mainly because Chinese characters are not alphabetic, but pictographic or ideographic.  Also learning to pronounce these characters is itself very daunting. So in order to simplify the learning process pinyin was introduced.  Pinyin is a system of writing down Chinese using Roman letters. Is the most widely-used system of writing Mandarin Chinese and the best way of representing Chinese sounds through Roman letters.  It also incorporates the four tones of Mandarin language with a little symbol placed above the vowels on each word.

Pinyin is a  great tool to help you learn the accurate pronunciation of Mandarin words. It looks a  lot like English making it more approachable. Learning Pinyin is quite easy. It is usually the initial thing that people studying Mandarin language will have to learn.  Pinyin which was developed in the 1950s by the government of China literally means to join together, or spell out, sounds.

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There are several advantages of learning pinyin. Learning pinyin will give you a true sense of what the Mandarin language really sounds like since it encompasses all of the potential sounds that can be made in Mandarin Chinese. In fact it gives you a broader framework for learning Chinese. It will also help you in writing Mandarin Chinese before gaining fluency in writing Chinese characters.  Pinyin is a very useful tool to learn to get around China. Pinyin can be seen on many maps, road signs, and other notices. You need Pinyin to look up words in the dictionary. Also pinyin will help you in improving your listening comprehension because it will enable you to distinguish between the different sounds. Pinyin can do wonders for your pronunciation as it ensures that you pronounce each word accurately.  Another added advantage is pinyin is that it helps you type Chinese on a computer. Even though there are other input methods such as Wubi or Cangjie, in recent years pinyin input has been widely used.

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