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Persian is the official language of Iran and is known as Farsi to its native speakers in Iran. Farsi is the Arabic form of Parsi.  Iran was once known as Paras and its language Parsi. The Arabs replaced the P with F as Arabic does not have alphabet P or Pa. Over time the term Faras gave way to Iran. The language is also known as Dari in Afghanistan, and Tajik in Tajikistan.
Persian language vocabulary has a number of words from other languages mainly French. For instance Mersi is used in Persian to say Thank you, as in the French ‘merci’.

Persian language has not changed significantly in over a millennium. It is written from right to left in horizontal lines.  Persian is a very poetic language. The stress is generally placed on the last syllable of a word.  It is a relatively simple language to grasp grammatically as the nouns have no gender and there are no articles.  An interesting aspect of the language is that same word is used to refer both 'he' and 'she'.

Here are a few reasons to consider Persian for your next foreign language project. Studying Persian is the gateway to the most fascinating and one of the distinctive Middle Eastern cultures. There’s also art, literature, music, film, and more to explore. In fact Persian language offers some of the most famous philosophical literature and romantic poetry ever written in any language. Imagine the pleasure of being able to read these great compositions in its original language. Also knowledge of Persian will make your travel experience all through the Persian diaspora a memorable one. Iran is as a place full of incredible landscapes, diverse cultures and hospitable people. Knowing a few phrases of Persian while visiting Iran will make your stay more enjoyable.

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