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The Mongolian language serves as the official language of Mongolia. Majority of the Mongolian speakers are from Mongolia but smaller populations of Mongolian speakers also exist in China, Russia, and Afghanistan. It belongs to  the Mongolic branch of the Altaic language family. The Mongolian language has a rich heritage that is deeply rooted in the glorious past of the Mongolian people. This interesting language has a history that dates back to several centuries and consists of three periods. The divisions of the spoken language are Old, or Ancient, Mongolian, Middle Mongolian, and New, or Modern, Mongolian.

Mongolian language comprises of several mutually intelligible dialects and the standard dialect used is the Khalkha dialect. The script is taught as syllables rather than individual letters. The language has vowel harmony making it sound quite harmonious.
In the past, numerous scripts were used to write the language which were either borrowed or domestically designed. The most important scripts are Uighur, Chinese, Phagsba, Soyombo and Cyrillic.  A modified version of Cyrillic script was adopted as the official script of Mongolia during the Soviet rule. However, with the breakdown of the Soviet Union, the Mongolian script has been made the official script.


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Mongolian is a fascinating language to learn. The knowledge of Mongolian will enable you to better understand the folklore, centuries-old myths, epics and traditional stories that form a part of this vibrant culture. Mongolia was ruled by several empires which have left their mark on the language. Learning Mongolian will give you a deeper insight into the glorious past of Mongolia. The country of Mongolia is also a great place to travel.  Tourism is steadily picking up in this beautiful country. The Mongolian people are friendly and welcoming, especially in the countryside. The locals will certainly appreciate your effort to learn their native language.
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