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Marquesan is an indigenous language spoken in the Marquesas Islands of the French Polynesia. This language belongs to the Austronesian language family and is closely related to Hawaiian and Tahitian. Marquesan dialects are divided into two distinct language groups, namely North Marquesan and South Marquesan. There exist a number of phonological differences between the two dialects. In fact these two languages are sufficiently distinct to be termed as separate languages. Other Eastern Polynesian languages most closely related to North and South Marquise are Hawaiian and Mangarevan which together form the Proto-Marquesic subgroup.

A feature distinct to the Marquesan languages is the replacement of the /r/ or /l/ of other Polynesian languages by a /?/ (glottal stop). Also Marquesan languages is characterized by a paucity of consonants whereas amplitude of vowels.

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Marquesan language plays an important role in shaping the cultural identity for Marquesan places, belongings, and people. By learning the language you can enhance your understanding about the uniqueness and richness of the Marquesan culture and heritage. Also Marquesan islands are the most beautiful islands on earth located far from any continent, making them a secluded array of islands in the quiet South Pacific. If you are planning to go on a vacation to this beautiful destination learning Marquesan will come handy while interacting with the locals. Majority of the people here speak Marquesan language and most can speak French too. But even a few phrases of the local language will certainly be appreciated by the native people. Also if you have an aversion to delicious, authentic food, then knowing the local language can help you dine in places where locals eat. Knowledge of Marquesan will enable you to explore the places beyond the usual tourist’s spots and unlock secrets about the people, places and history that make up a culture.

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