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Maori is the language of the indigenous people of New Zealand known by the name same name. It is one of the national languages of New Zealand, the other being English. This ancestral language of the indigenous people of the country belongs to the branch of the Eastern Polynesian language group.  New Zealand is the only place on earth where Maori is spoken. It provides the country with a unique language identity and is considered to be a national treasure. Maori is spoken by around 23 percent of New Zealanders.

Maori is relatively easier language to learn when compared to some of the other languages further afield in the Pacific to which it is related. It does not have much grammatical complexity and follows a logical structure. Unlike English, Maori has very consistent rules of pronunciation.

Many preschools in New Zealand have started using Maori as a medium of instruction after the language revival efforts in recent years. The culture, identity and heritage of the Maori people are embedded in the Maori language. In fact Maori culture is a big part of NZ's identity. So learning Maori will enable you to experience New Zealand's native language and culture and gives you access to the Maori world. Learning an indigenous language like Maori will help you broaden you understanding of the uniqueness and complexity of Maori. These insights will help you better understand you own culture. In New Zealand you can find names of streets, towns and cities written in Maori. Although English is the main language spoken, you will find many Maori words and phrases used in everyday life. So it is important to learn the Maori language if you are planning to stay for a while in New Zealand in order to understand or be understood by others. Learning Maori opens up opportunities to meet new people, explore the places beyond tourist’s spots and appreciate the Maori music, art, dance and other important aspects of the Maori culture.

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Whether you are new to M?ori language or want to increase your fluency, here is a place to start learning Maori language in a fun and fast way. We offer online Maori language classes through Skype. Through our online platform learn Maori with Skype from the convenience of your own home or office, with an experienced Maori teacher and improve your fluency in Maori through conversation lessons. You get to learn from personalized topics based on your needs, level and centres of interest. Our online classes offers you an opportunity to learn Maori in a fun and relaxed atmosphere via Skype with a qualified, professional and friendly native Maori teacher. We offer Maori language courses for all levels from beginner's to advanced and are taught by our tutors who are very flexible in their teaching approach. Also you can enjoy complete flexibility to choose the day and time for each class. Our aim is to create a friendly learning atmosphere, to prepare you for real interactions without scripted instructions. So join us today and learn the Maori language that will open doors to a whole new world of opportunities!



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