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Maltese is the language widely spoken in Malta. It is a Semitic language, part of the Afro-Asiatic family of languages. It was declared as the national language of Malta after its independence in 1964. English is the other national language of the island nation. Maltese is also one of the official and working languages of the European Union. You can find Malta speaking immigrant communities in the United States, Australia, Gibraltar and Canada. The fact that this this little island nation has managed till date to retain its language, in the face of many linguistic influences around it, is a true display of its cultural resilience.

An interesting fact about Maltese language is that it has the distinction of the one of oldest languages still alive and it is the only Semitic language in Europe written in Latin characters. The unique mixture of Arabic and Italian language has resulted in Maltese being the only type of Arabic written using a Latin alphabet. Through the ages Maltese has incorporated several words from English, French and Italian due to the diversity of influences exerted on the island nation.

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It was primarily a spoken language till the latter half of the 19th century when it was formalized by an alphabet, a spelling and a grammar. Arabs ruled over the islands between 9th to 13th centuries and the Arabic influence is clearly seen in the Maltese language. The roots of Maltese language have great resemblance to the Arabic language. Modern Maltese alphabet includes 30 letters. Maltese grammar reflects the Semitic and Romance influences.

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