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Macedonian is a South Slavic language and is mainly spoken in the Republic of Macedonia. It is also spoken in many countries like Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Australia, the U.K., and U.S where one can find sizeable Macedonian immigrant community. Due to its close resemblance to Bulgarian language many consider it as a south west Bulgarian dialect. Macedonian also displays similarities to Serbian and other Slavic languages.

The two main dialects of the language are Eastern and Western dialects. It is written using Cyrillic alphabet which is similar but not identical to that of Russian.  Macedonian has borrowed words from other languages, especially from Greek and Serbian. Some interesting features of this language are absence of case system and presence of regulated stress, which means that you won't depend on intuition and also won’t face any problems with the accent. It is basically a phonetic language with only few exceptions making it easier to learn.

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Learning Macedonian will be helpful not only in Macedonia but also while visiting countries such as Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina where it is understood by majority of the people. Macedonian is the minority language of the above five countries, making it a particularly useful language to learn for this part of the world. Also Macedonia is a famous tourist destination especially the capital city of Skopje. Learning Macedonian gives you a deeper understanding of the Macedonian culture, traditions, customs and way of life

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