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Luxembourgish belongs to the West Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family and is the official language of Luxembourg. It is also one of three administrative languages of the country the other two being French and German. The language is also spoken in France, Belgium and Germany. In Luxembourg German and French are mostly used for administrative purposes and Luxembourgish is used by locals for every day communication. In Luxembourg, medium of instruction in preschool is Luxembourgish; German is used at the primary level and French at the secondary level. Many residents of Luxembourg are equally comfortable speaking Luxembourgish, French, and German. The language has several distinct dialects such as Miseler, Areler, Minetter, Stater and Weelzer among others.

The Luxembourgish alphabet consists of 29 letters. In this 26 alphabets are the same as that in English language along with three additional letters Ä, Ë, and È.

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Luxembourg is a truly cosmopolitan country with more expats living in Luxembourg than in any other European country. The best way to get connected with a new place is to learn the language. Luxembourg is truly cosmopolitan and English is widely understood here. But it is always useful to learn the local language especially if one will be staying in that particular country for some time. Learning a bit of Luxembourgish will help you get to know your Luxembourgish neighbours and colleagues better. If you’re looking to settle down here it will make a huge difference to your integration. Luxembourgish is used as the language of instruction in preschools. So, parents may want to consider learning Luxembourgish to help with their young ones.

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