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The Latvian is a Baltic language that belongs to the eastern Indo-European language family. There are only two existing Baltic languages today - the Latvian and the Lithuanian language.  It is strongly influenced by German, Polish, and Russian. It is the official language of the country of Latvia and it is considered one of the official languages of the European Union. In Latvia, there are three dialects: the Livonian, Latvian and the Middle dialect. Standard Latvian is based upon the Middle dialect.

In the past, Latvian was written using the Latin alphabet that followed the German spelling patterns. Today it is written using the Latin script and is read from left to right. It is an inflective language with several analytical forms and two grammatical genders. Latvian is pronounced as it is written.


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Learning Latvian will enable you to appreciate the rich collection of folklore and folk songs, with over 30,000 different recorded melodies for these songs. In Latvia as a tourist you can easily get by speaking English because most of the youngsters do speak English today but for those who are serious about living here, it would be advisable to learn at least a bit of useful Latvian. The knowledge of Latvian language is very essential to get a job and education in Latvia. Learning Latvian will make it easy for you to integrate with the society, culture and everyday life in the country. Also knowledge of Latvian will certainly improve your career prospects.

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