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Latin was first used by people belonging to a small territory on the Tiber River called Latium and Rome was one of the towns of Latium. After the Roman influence spread over Italy and then over parts of Europe, Latin became a dominant language all over the Roman Empire.

All Romance languages like Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan, etc. descended from Latin. These languages evolved from Vulgar Latin the spoken language of common usage. Vulgar Latin differed from the Latin used in much early Latin literature, which is called the classical Latin.

There are actually many benefits of learning Latin. To start with, some of the greatest literary masterpieces are written in Latin. By learning Latin you can have access to some of the best poetry, history, and oratory known to the world so far. Also reading the classics enables you to appreciate a culture that greatly influenced our own. By learning Latin, you will learn the great history, literature, philosophy and culture of Rome. If you are interested in medicine, nursing, or law then you must learn Latin. Many medical terms and legal terms are Latin words. Having a grasp of Latin also makes it easier to grasp other languages especially the romance languages which all are direct descendants of Latin.  Latin improves your vocabulary and helps you understand the English language better because about 60% of all English words are derived from Latin.

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