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Lao, also referred to as Laotian, is a Tai-Kadai language and is the official language of Laos. Laos is a multilingual country with numerous ethic communities using different languages. Thus Lao serves as a second common language of communication and is the official dialect of Lao. Within the Lao language itself there are six main dialects: Vientiane Lao, Northern Lao, North-eastern Lao, Central Lao, Southern Lao and Western Lao. This language has five major tongues. Of these six, Vientiane Lao is the most comprehended dialect in the whole country and the Lao vocabulary is founded on it.

Lao language is very similar to Thai language. The languages share many common words and most of the basic vocabulary too is similar to extent.  The Lao script is a syllabic alphabet or abugida and dates back the 16th century BC. An origin of Lao script is not very clear. Also the script shares similarities with the Thai script. Most of the basic words of Lao have only one syllable. This is a concise dialect. The structure of the sentences is also very easy and the Lao alphabet is phonetic. Also it is a tonal language with a total of six tones.

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After the country’s independence in 1954, tourism industry has grown enormously. Laos is a beautiful country with much Buddhist architecture and lush and pristine landscapes. People are friendly and courteous and will certainly appreciate your efforts to learn at least a few phrases of the Lao language. If you can learn the language you will gain a deeper understanding of the people and their culture. Also in Laos English is not widely understood outside the main shopping and tourist centres; especially in the countryside. So learning the language will help you to explore the real beauty of the country. You will make local friends much more quickly too.

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