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Kurdish is a macro language that belongs to the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family.  Kurdish (like Persian) is grouped under the Western Iranian branch and is one of the four most commonly spoken languages in the Middle East. There are approximately 16 and 35 million speakers worldwide today. The origins of Kurdish writing date back to as early as 980 BC. Because of the geographical and political divisions there are several dialects of the Kurdish language. Also different dialects use different scripts such as Arabic, Latin and to a much lesser extent Cyrillic. At present time Kurdish dialects are broken into two main groups, Kurmanji and Sorani belonging to the south western branch of Iranian languages. The most commonly spoken Kurdish is the northern dialect called Kurmanji. It is spoken by nearly 65% of Kurdish population. It is apparently the most ancient of the Kurdish dialects and is spoken all over Kurdistan of Turkey, Syria, and in the Soviet Union. It is also the most archaic dialect in its phonetic and morphological structures. Second most commonly spoken dialect is the central dialect of Sorani and is spoken by Kurds in parts of Iraq and Iran.

So depending on which place you are travelling you will need to decide if you should learn Kurmanji or Sorani. Kurmanji is more widely spoken than Sorani. In Iraq or Iran Sorani Kurdish is more widely used. Sorani is written using Arabic script, while Kurmanji is written using Latin and Cyrillic (Russian) script.

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