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Korean is the official language of North and South Korea. Outside Korea it is spoken in the Yanbian Province in China, in the United States, Japan as well as in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Since Korean is spoken by approximately 80 million people worldwide, it provides an opportunity to make a lot of new Korean speaking friends. Along with making new friends, learning Korean can also help you strengthen personal relationships with Korean-speaking friends or loved ones. And having Korean friends’ will help you to experience the Korean culture first-hand. Learning Korean will allow you to expand your cultural horizons and you will allow you to have a deeper understanding of the local traditions, customs, religious practices and historical writings dating back at least a thousand years. Learning the Korean language will help you understand the Korean songs, pop music, dramas and shows without the translations. Knowing Korean could help to make you a more desirable job candidate. If you job involves interacting with Korean-speaking, then learning Korean will be a highly rewarding experience. Speaking Korean offers you social and business opportunities in the region. If you’re planning to travel to Korea, then knowledge of attest a few basic phrases of the language will come handy.

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The grammar and phonetics of Korean language is easy to learn. Korean alphabet known as Hangeul has 24 letters. It is phonetic in nature making it very easy to learn.  Some other interesting facts about the language are the absence of tones, absence of definite and indefinite articles, absence of grammatical gender and presence of multiple speech levels.  You can also find the large number of borrowed words from English.
Anyone can learn Korean as long as you have a reason and are determined to achieve your gaol.  The Korean language isn’t that difficult to learn. Compared to other Asian languages of the Northeast Asia region, this is the easiest to learn. You can learn Korean with the help of books, CD's or through YouTube videos. While these methods may be helpful, the best way to learn Korean is through online Skype lessons with a private native tutor.  Our language learning platform offers customized lessons based on the needs of each individual student through Skype. All of our Skype teachers are native Korean speakers and are the best in the industry. They all have multiple years of teaching experience. And above all, our Korean classes are very affordable and pocket friendly. If you sign up for a Skype Korean lesson with us you can rest assured that the learning goals are met in the shortest possible time and in a cost effective way.



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