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So you are planning to Irish. Here are some interesting facts about the language that would strengthen your decision. Irish is the oldest surviving Celtic language and hence is a valuable resource and guide to the other Celtic languages. Irish Gaelic is the official language of Ireland and one of the official languages of the European Union. To begin with Irish is a very beautiful language and the very way that you express yourself in Irish is different from English. If your spouse is from Ireland then you can impress him/her and your in-laws by learning this expressive language.  Irish is spoken in some of the most spectacular parts of Ireland, including Donegal, Mayo, Galway, Kerry, and Cork. So if you are plans to travel to these beautiful locations knowledge of Irish will come handy. Also learning Irish is something different and unique to do. Imagine the surprised look on your friends and family member’s face, when you tell them that you’re learning Irish? Learning Irish will enable you to have a more intimate knowledge of the Irish culture. You can appreciate the vibrant dance, music, theatre, religious beliefs and rich literary tradition of the region with your knowledge of Irish.

Planning to travel to Ireland and soak in the rich culture? Do you want to learn Irish just for hobby or want to teach your children Irish? Here is a place to learn Irish online through Skype from our Experienced Native Tutors

Certainly Irish is not the easiest of all the languages. But some aspects of the language are much simpler than other Celtic languages like the absence of indefinite article and presence of only eleven irregular verbs. Irish alphabets are same as the alphabets used in other European languages. The language has its own traditional font and has no word for yes or no. You simply repeat the verb of the question. The major hurdle you will face while learning the language is with the pronunciation. Once you've got past this problem, the language itself is easy to learn. The best way to learn any foreign language is to be surrounded with the language itself. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have this luxury. Even if you don’t live in Ireland you can learn Irish with the help of books, music, CDs, YouTube videos etc. You should consider joining a language exchange program online where you can find people willing to teach you Irish. Although all these methods can be helpful, the most effective way to learn Irish is by taking an online course. Our online Irish online course is the best way to start your journey. All our lessons are customised according to your requirements. You also have the freedom to schedule the classes’ as per your convenience. Our experienced and enthusiastic tutors make your learning process easy and fun. All you need is internet access and a good set of headphones and you are good to go. Join us now and explore a whole new horizon with your knowledge of Irish.



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