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Indonesia is a land of several ethnic groups and as a result vast amount of languages are practiced in the country. However as part of the independence movement, Bahasa Indonesia was named official language of the archipelago nation. It is a standardised version of Malay which belongs to Austronesian language family. Today most of the Indonesians are fluent in their native language as well as the national language.

If you are planning to learn Indonesian then you might have your own reasons to do so. Here are a few more to strengthen your decision. By learning to speak the language you dramatically improve your chances to make friendship and open more opportunities for you to expand your network and social life. Indonesians are very friendly people and will certainly appreciative any effort made by a foreigners to learn their native language. Also knowledge of Indonesian will go a long way in your travels around the country. You can bargain and get your souvenirs for a better deal if you can speak the language.

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While travelling the country even a bit of the Indonesian language will allow you to get better involved with the people and culture. If you are an expat, learning the Indonesian language will help to overcome the language barrier and make your stay more comfortable. If you do business with Indonesian companies, your business relationships with Indonesians will improve because of your effort made to learn their language.

Indonesian is a very easy language to learn. It has very straightforward grammatical rules and there are no tones or tenses. Additionally, verbs aren't conjugated and to top it up it uses the same alphabet as English. If you are interested in learning Indonesian in a fun, fast and inexpensive way then you are in the right place. We offer one-to-one personalised Indonesian online classes through Skype. Our qualified native tutors offer you customized classes to match your objectives and learning pace. We offer classes at all levels from beginner to advance. You also get flexibility to schedule your classes as per your convenience. So join our online Indonesian classes today and gain proficiency in Indonesian language in an easy and inexpensive way!



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