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Haitian Creole is the official language of Haiti, along with French. A creole is a language that is formed by the combining two or more languages. This unique language is a blend of French and west African languages such as Wolof, Fon, and Ewe. Today it is fully developed language independent language complete with its own vocabulary as well as grammar. It is spoken by about 8.5 million people in Haiti which is nearly the entire population. It is also spoken in a number of other countries, including France, Canada, the USA, Dominican Republic, Cuba, the Bahamas and other Caribbean countries. The language has two main dialects, called Fablas and Plateau.

One might be wondering the benefits of learning this not so popular language. To start with, Haiti is a beautiful place to visit. With its mountains, plains, and sparkling coastlines along the Caribbean Sea it offers a perfect getaway. Even knowing some basic words can help break the ice when you're in Haiti. The locals are very friendly and most people will appreciate the fact that you're trying to speak their language. The Haitian people have a vibrant culture, vivid art, lively dance, and rich folklore. Learning the language allows you to experience the culture from within.

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The African influence in Haitian Creole can be seen in the syntax and sound of some words. The alphabet is a variation of Latin which is similar to English letters but not very identical. Haitian pronunciation is closer to that of French than English but not similar. It is a phonetic language where words are written exactly as they are spoken. Haitian Creole grammar too differs substantially from that of French and English. The words lack genders and the verbs all have the same form between singular and plural, first, second, and third person.

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