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The language of Guarani is one of the two national languages of Paraguay, the other one being Spanish. The language gets its name from a Guarinian word, guarini, meaning “war” or “warrior”. While many indigenous languages around the world struggle to survive, this is the only language that continues to prosper post-colonisation and is spoken by more than than two-thirds of the population in Paraguay. It’s a descendant of the Tupian language, an indigenous language of South America. There are a few Guarani speakers in Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina too. The influence of Spanish on Guarani is clearly visible by the presence of sheer number of borrowed Spanish words in the Guarani vocabulary.

Though Spanish is spoken widely in urban areas of Paraguay, Guarani, in fact, remains a lingua franca for the region. If you’re planning on work in Paraguay Spanish will get you by, because Spanish seems to be spoken more in matters of business or administration. But in rural areas Guarani is pretty much spoken by all the people. Paraguayans love Guarani. Even if you can only say three words in Guarani, a Paraguayan’s face will light up. So in order to connect with the locals learn Guarani. Paraguay is a beautiful country but to explore it beyond the regular tourist’s spots knowledge of Guarani will come handy. And for those planning an extended stay in the area, Guarani will enable you to deal with the day to day activities like grocery shopping and paying your bills with ease. Paraguay culture is deeply rooted in Guarani language. It is also the language of widely esteemed literature, drama, and popular music. So knowledge of Guarani will enable you to experience Paraguay in a way monolingual tourists might not be able to achieve.

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