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Gaulish is an extinct language that belonged to the Celtic language group, spoken in western and central Europe and Asia from at least the 6th century BCE and was spoken until the 4th century AD. It was once one of the most powerful languages of ancient Europe and was spoken throughout the western and central Europe. The language began to lose ground after the invasion and conquest of the European regions by the Roman Empire.

Information related to Gaulish language is limited because it wasn't typically written down. Whatever limited knowledge of the language we have today comes from a small number of Gaulish inscriptions, including calendars, pottery, coin inscriptions, funeral monuments, and other texts, possibly curse tablets.

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The inscriptions belonging to the era shows that during the earlier days Gaulish language was written in the Italian alphabet while in later centuries it was written in Greek alphabet. After the Roman conquest, Gaulish language was heavily influenced by the Roman and thus the language was written in Latin alphabets. Gaulish was replaced by Vulgar Latin and other Germanic languages from around the 5th century AD onwards. In fact today we can find more than two hundred words in modern French which may have been derived from the Gaulish language.

Phonologically, there were several similarities between Gaulish and Latin. In Gaulish language the sentences always followed the subject, verb, object sequence. The Gaulish language had two types of vowels: short and long vowels. The short vowels included a, e, i, o and u, while the long vowels are the same as short vowels, with a bar over one to indicate that it was held longer. The Gaulish language also had diphthongs like ai, ei, oi, au, eu and ou.

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