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Galician is a Romance language spoken in Galicia situated in the north-west corner of Spain. It is also spoken by emigrant communities in Latin America, Europe and Spain. Galician gained official status in 1978 and since then has come into much wider use.
Galician is mutually intelligible with Portuguese which is spoken south of the border. These languages had virtually the same history until the middle of the 16th century.  But Galician today is much influenced by standard Castilian Spanish and shares many similarities, including spelling conventions. The official Galician uses the Spanish version of the Latin alphabet and the official pronunciation also resembles Spanish Castilian much.
If you’re planning to travel or settle in Galicia, then knowledge of Galician will help you get around more conveniently. While visiting here you can easily get by speaking Spanish but an effort to Galician will certainly be appreciated by the locals.  And Galician is widely-spoken in rural areas. So if you want to explore the real Galicia, learning Galician will be beneficial. Glacial has a rich history of   literary and musical heritage that stretches back to the middle Ages. One of the prominent figures in Galician literature is the nineteenth-century poet Rosal'a de Castro whose poetry has been compared to that of the American poet Emily Dickinson. You can appreciate all the great literary compositions in their original form with knowledge of Galician.

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