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Flemish or Belgian Dutch refers to dialects of Dutch spoken in northern Belgium. It is spoken by approximately 6 million people in the northern part of the country. Flemish is a West Germanic language and is generally classified as a dialect of Dutch rather than as a separate language. Both Dutch and Flemish belong to the same language group. However there are variations between these two languages in terms of intonation, pronunciation, lexicon and vocabulary. Also Flemish also has a few loanwords from French and English which is not found in Standard Dutch. The language Flemish gets it name from the Flemings who lived in the in the region known as Flanders in the northern part of Belgium. There are four main dialects of Flemish namely Brabantian (Braobans), East Flemish (Oostvlaams), Limburgish (Lemborgs) and West Flemish (West-Vlams / West-Vloams).
While visiting the northern half of Belgium knowledge of Flemish will come handy. You will do fine with just English but all Flemish conversations will pass you by. Any language reflects the region’s history, culture and tradition. Learning Flemish will give you a better understanding of the Flemings and their culture. People will appreciate your effort and will respond by making you feel more at home. Also if your ancestors spoke Flemish then learning the language of your ancestors will give you immense satisfaction and help you connect with your roots. If you are planning to live in this country then understanding and speaking the local language makes everyday activities more fun and your integration with the society easier.

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