Bula: (m-boola)!Are you looking to learn Fijian so that you can travel and experience new cultures? Perhaps you want your kids to take Fijian classes or want to impress your spouse? Here is a platform to learn Fijian online through Skype from native tutors!

Fijian language spoken mainly in Fiji belongs to Austronesian language family and is part of the Malayo-Polynesian family. Austronesian language family includes thousands of other languages spanning the globe. Fijian is spoken as a first language by more than half of the population in Fiji.
There are several dialects of the Fijian language. Each district or island has a different dialect that is used by the locals. But Bauan Fijian is the official dialect of the Fijian people. English and Fiji alphabets are very similar except for that fact that in Fiji x is absent and alphabets z and h have very limited usage. Some of the sounds are pronounced differently to the way we would write them like “G” is pronounced nG and “D” is pronounced nD. Fijian is a soft spoken and fluid language.
Fiji is a tourism powerhouse and serves as perfect holiday destination with its pristine beaches and secluded islets. Fijians are known for their friendliness and a very relaxed culture. Learning the Fijian language means you will be able you to get away from the regular tourist places and explore the real Fiji. In Fiji a little bit of local talk goes a long way. Here to explore the real tradition you have to get away from the city and while doing so knowledge of Fiji will endear you to the local people.

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