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Chechen is the language of the Chechen people. The language is part of the Northeast Caucasian language family and is closely related to the Ingush language that belongs to the same family. Caucasian language group to which Chechen belongs is distinctive because of its wide geographical distribution as well as the specificity of its grammar. Chechen is spoken primarily in Chechnya. Also it is spoken in Russia, Western Europe and in some parts of the Middle East.
After Islam was established Chechen initially used Arabic script. Then from 1925 to 1938 Latin alphabet was used. From 1938 onwards Cyrillic was used and this was replaced by Latin alphabet in 1992. Today however Cyrillic alphabet remains the most widely used form of Chechen writing. Chechen has a number of mutually intelligible dialects and the differences between dialects are mostly phonological.

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