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Catalan is the official language of Catalonia and Andorra. It is also spoken in Valencia and also in some areas of Southern France.  Catalan and Spanish are both official languages in Barcelona, which is found in the region of Catalonia in Spain. It is a romance language that evolved from Vulgar Latin spoken by romans.  It’s a beautiful language that resides powerfully in a region that is just as beautiful. Catalan is spoken by majority of the inhabitants of Barcelona along with Spanish. So now the important question is why you should even bother learning Catalan when you can manage with English and Spanish in this region. Firstly, as with anywhere you visit in the world and try to use the language, it will always be appreciated by the locals. Learning Catalan will help you immensely while visiting Barcelona. Learning just as few words could potentially open up a whole new world of experiences here! If you are planning to live in Barcelona then knowing Catalan will come handy while using the public transport, reading the street signs or restaurant menus.  Learning Catalan will help you connect with the splendid Catalan music, dance, cuisine and festivals. If you want to do business here and want to be taken seriously by the locals, learning Catalan will be beneficial.

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If you already know Spanish, learning will be much easier. You can learn Catalan by enrolling in a language school. But a language school is not a convenient option especially for those who are working or studying. Another flexible and cost effective way is to learn Catalan is through online language teaching websites. Our online Catalan classes via Skype offer one-to-one online lessons with native tutors at affordable prices from the comfort of your home or office. We offer personalized lessons designed to suit your own particular learning objectives and pace of learning. All the tutors are native professionals with many years of proven experience. Also there is complete flexibility in scheduling the lessons. You can plan your class whenever you want wherever you want. Join our Online Catalan classes today and learn Catalan at your own pace and in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.



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