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The Cajun French also known as Français Acadien is spoken primarily in the U.S. state of Louisiana. Cajuns are an ethnic group and descendants of French settlers who were exiled from the former French colony known as Acadia and the term "Cajun" is derived from the English pronunciation of the French word “Acadien”.  The French Cajun dialect is derived from Acadian French dialect with considerable amount of influence from other dialects like the Quebec French, Haitian French and European French. Today approximately 250,000 Louisiana residents still speak French. Cajun French spoken in Louisiana is just one of many types of French. Even though Cajun is a dialect of French, it differs from it in some pronunciation and vocabulary.
The Cajun people are well-known for their vibrant culture, as well as their unique language. Cajun music is the most celebrated cultural aspect of Cajun people. Learning Cajun will help you to understand the Cajun lyrics and in turn will enable to appreciate and enjoy the music better. Since majority of the Cajuns in Louisiana are fluent in English, you can easily get by speaking English while visiting the place. Burt since culture of a place is embedded in the language, learning Cajun French will help gain a better understanding of the Cajun culture. If your ancestors spoke Cajun French language in the past, then learning the language will help you reconnect with your roots. Speaking more than one language is a skill which will increase your learning Cajun French will definitely boost your career prospects.

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