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Burmese belongs to the Tibeto-Burman subfamily of the Sino-Tibetan language family. It is widely spoken in Myanmar (formerly Burma) where it the official language. It is also spoken throughout Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.
Burmese is a monosyllabic because root words generally consist of a single syllable. It is a tonal language, consisting of four tones. The tones are indicated in writing using diacritics or special letters. The Burmese language uses the Burmese script, derived from the Mon language, which is in turn derived from the Indian Brahmi script. There is a great difference between the spoken and written forms of the language.
Learning Burmese will be beneficial because Burmese is spoken in many countries that have some common cultural and historical background. Learning the Burmese language offers you a whole new perspective on different literature, beliefs, arts, history, cuisine and customs that distinct cultures like Burmese offers.  If you get to travel to Myanmar often, learning Burmese can make you maximize your travel experience. Even if you learn even a few phrases of the language it will go a long way in making your stay in the country very comfortable. Also abilities to speak, to read, or to write in Burmese will increase your employment opportunities. Learning the Burmese language could help you to capitalise from one of the fastest growing economy in Asia.

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